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exterior Painting

Step 1

Receive An Estimate

We take time to accurately estimate your house and fit the bid to meet your personal needs. If you like what you see, schedule your spot!

Step 4

The Prep Work

We will then begin to scrape, sand, prime peeling paint, and replace failed caulking with top quality materials.

Step 7


We will complete quality inspections and a final walk around with you to make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Step 2

Design Consultation

Before starting the project we will meet up to put on color samples, and finalize project details to build clear lines of communication.

Step 5

Paint Body Color

We will carefully mask off and spray the main body color. Throughout the process we will complete nighty walk arounds for clear communication.

Step 8


Enjoy your new paint job. Show off your new paint job to your neighbors, friends and family!

Step 3

Pressure Washing

Your house will be thoroughly pressure washed to ensure that we have a clean surface to apply the paint.

Step 6

Paint Trim Color

Brush and roll or spray trim, doors and accents. As we go around, we will inspect and take care of any missed spots on the body too.


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